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The Great Philosopher.

I have just commented on Conrad’s latest post and felt that my comments needed a bit of elaboration. Since he too seems to be a fan of Pickles cartoons, what better way than to return the compliment with a cartoon?

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Subliminal Messages.

I am of the firm opinion that we are constantly being bombarded with messages overt and covert, which play an important role in forming our opinions, values and judgments. The purpose of this post is to request that we become … Continue reading

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Princess Victoria Now Looks For Prince Charming.

Friday May 15th, 2009 Frog Gets Second Shot After Run-In with Lawnmower This is a post copy pasted from Gimundo. I am posting it for its uniqueness and to express my amazement that people will do such things to save … Continue reading

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The British Are Getting To Be Adventurous.

Grannymar asked “What next?” when I posted something risque. This is what is next: Sex in the most expensive real estate in the world.

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I am getting to be serious again!

Gail says “Rummy, now you are getting serious! What are we going to do with you?” I have got the message. You do not have to do anything Gail, just keep reading my blog posts. 1. Iqbal and Habib are … Continue reading

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Pakistan, India And The Taliban – II

Having started off the post with the earlier cartoon, I just want to draw the attention of my readers to the following posts. I shall not add any comment on the articles. Our election process is over, and contrary to … Continue reading

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Pakistan India And The Taliban.

See Cartoons by Cartoon by Adam Zyglis – Courtesy of – Email this Cartoon

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Innovative Apparel Making.

Here is what I call innovation at its best. The sender of course called it “Presenting the Redneck Tank Top.” I would have liked to have seen him getting it ready as well as putting it on. Must have taken … Continue reading

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Speed Control.

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Another “Success” Story.

My recent bereavement has brought many old friends back into my life with their regrets and condolences. Some strange stories and developments with which I was out of touch, have now come to my knowledge. I intend sharing some of … Continue reading

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