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Our Good Neighbour.

Time for some gentle ribbing. Please click on the image to get a larger resolution.

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The Supernatural.

Please click on the ¬†image to get a larger resolution. I have only one personal experience of the supernatural. It was way back in 1961 when I moved into a room above a garage in a suburb of Hyderabad on … Continue reading

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My irrepressible nephew Jai sent this image on WhatsApp to all members of our family with the caption “The Story Of The Rajgopauls”. Incidentally, he is not a Rajgopaul. He is only half a Rajgopaul.

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What Would You Do In The Long Term?

Die. Yes, Pravin, you read me right. I would die in the long term. I just could not resist the temptation to come up with that opening. Pravin who suggested this week’s LBC topic takes life and himself too seriously. … Continue reading

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Ambition Fulfilled.

A friend of mine played some game online on facebook and has posted this picture there. ¬†Please click on the image for a larger resolution. I have always wanted to be a hitman for a boss. Anjali has fulfilled my … Continue reading

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The Wall.

Whenever some reference to a wall is made, I remember this Indian TV advertisement clip for its sheer chutzpa. The wall is apparently a hot topic in the USA, thanks to President Elect Trump’s strong anti immigration stand. I have … Continue reading

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Since the first of this month, I have recommenced going for a gentle stroll to the local park every evening. This photograph was taken yesterday to commemorate my friend Vasant’s meeting me again after eight months. “The older you get … Continue reading

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2017 The Year Of The Rooster.

I discovered that 2017 is the Chinese year of the rooster through a blog post by my blogger friend Neil. He is more clued in on such things! His image of the rooster is sure to get a big laugh … Continue reading

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Existential Question.

Okay, I have got wrinkles, I have got a friar’s fringe that is grey but I am bald on top, and I have got scars that others can see as well some that are hidden below clothes. I however have … Continue reading

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Sumo Wrestler.

This statue, I suspect made out of fiber glass, and the plaque next to it are located in the entrance foyer to Nitesh Hub, a mall to which I go often. I go there primarily to visit the multiplex cinemas … Continue reading

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