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Theresa May In Temple.

Visiting Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May visited Bengaluru’s famous Someshwar temple yesterday. What was most appealing to me was her wearing a sari to undertake the visit.

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Religion Vs Spirituality.

‘Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience. Atheism is no experience, only measurement.’ ~ Deepak Chopra. As most of my readers know, I call myself a Vedantin. Vedanta is the system of philosophy that … Continue reading

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The Olympics. Yes Or No.

We have an Indian Olympic Association. We have also established the SAI for broad basing and bringing excellence in sports across India with nine Regional Centers. Both have at their disposal, huge annual budgets paid for by the gullible Indian tax … Continue reading

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A Life Frittered Away!

Some times, just to be funny, I respond to the question “what do you do?” with “I spend my son’s money”. This is inevitably followed by the question “what before that?”, and to that, I respond with “I spent my … Continue reading

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Ganesh Chaturthi / Teachers’ Day.

Please click on the image for larger resolution. Today is Ganesh Chaturthi. As I write this I can hear the distant sound of drum beats indicating the movement of some Ganesha Idols being taken in procession before being installed in … Continue reading

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Happy Bhag Jayegi.

I had seen the trailer for this film earlier and had made up my mind then to see it when released. I was able to earlier this evening and I am very happy that I did. It is a very … Continue reading

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Talking About My Generation.

I was born in 1943. My generation in India saw India become independent of British rule in 1947 and also a republic a few years later. Although I was too young to understand the big events as they took place, … Continue reading

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When I was young.

This week’s topic has been suggested by Shackman for the weekly Friday LBC posts where three of us and some times more write on the same topic. One more blogger Lin is sure to write and you may like to … Continue reading

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You Know You’re A Foreigner When….

Another inspired topic from Lin for the weekly Friday LBC blog post, which no doubt comes from the fact that she is a domiciled foreigner where she lives. My own take on the subject is based on my experiences traveling … Continue reading

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Ring Those Bells.

This week’s Friday LBC topic has been suggested by Lin who has already written the post well in advance. Her take on the subject is very different from what mine will be, due primarily to cultural differences. My earliest recollection … Continue reading

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