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Commitment To The Unverifiable.

This topic had to come from my good friend who intends partnering me in an ashram some time in the future. While he will be the Guru, I will be the gate collection manager. There are only two commitments that come … Continue reading

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My blogger friend Jody has left this comment on my post on Writers’ Block. “I was just thinking of you yesterday because I’ve begun to meditate again, and I was remembering that you have a practice that’s been going on … Continue reading

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In advising, there are two people involved, the advisor, and the advice seeker. The advising process can again be of two kinds; the solicited and the unsolicited. It is almost an axiom that the unsolicited is far more prevalent than … Continue reading

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Code Name God.

Yes, it is the title of a book and not something that I wanted to expound on. My cousin Damodaran was browsing books in a local lending library when he came across this book, was intrigued by the blurbs “This … Continue reading

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Home Is The Monk Home From His Retreat.

Somethings remarkable happened today. 1. Manjiree woke up at 5.30 am. 2. She was ready to rock at 6.30 am. 3. She saw a Sunrise for the first time ever in her life. 4. She was zapped and has promised … Continue reading

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My usual meditation session this morning was not the kind that I experience every day. I had a monkey mind working overtime and it took a great deal of effort to stay on course. This is to be expected and … Continue reading

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The Guru.

During my recent visit to Vashi, I attended a lecture on Vedanta by a Swamini, that is a lady Swamy who answered a question from the audience about the Guru appearing when the student is ready. She said that in … Continue reading

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Be Like Water.

Bruce Lee’s most oft-cited metaphor for the philosophy of Gung Fu: “Be like water.” is a metaphor difficult to understand. It has now been explained by his writings in Bruce Lee; Artist Of Life. It is so beautiful that I … Continue reading

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I hope that you enjoy reading this post on the weekly Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where eleven of us write on the same topic. Today’s topic has been chosen by Conrad The Old Fossil. The ten other bloggers who write … Continue reading

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The Jaguar Lady.

My cup runneth over. If it is not the lion lady, it is the jaguar lady. This is a charming young lady Justine Sophia-Rabia. Providence sent Justine, a professional ballet dancer trained by Gelsey Kirkland of New York City, to … Continue reading

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