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I had reconciled myself long ago to being recognised as Manjiree’s father in law and Ranjan’s father. On Thursday I had to reconcile myself to being recognised as the grandfather of Chutki. A young couple who live in the same … Continue reading

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It has been raining almost non-stop since last Thursday and I ventured out of the house yesterday for a drive and some South Indian snack food in town. Between the car and the entrance to the restaurant, I got wet … Continue reading

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Time is the biggest joke that our Creator has played on us. Just about every philosopher and scientist has had something or the other to say about it yet it is an aspect of our lives that is the biggest … Continue reading

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Keep Them Doggies Movin’.

Another unusual topic from Lin for the weekly LBC posts. This time, let me confess that I have heard the song by the Blues Brothers and so that choice of the title does not come as a surprise to me … Continue reading

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From when I was about 12 years ago, I have had dogs as pets at home. Barring some very unsettled years, we have always had a dog at home. There was also a brief period when I took in a … Continue reading

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My story about my having escaped being adopted by my uncle and aunt caused some of my readers to comment about the process of adoption.  I had responded with “Adoption is quite common in India when a couple is childless … Continue reading

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James Thurber’s Dogs

That should resonate with Chutki who has been inactive in her blog. She would be thrilled to read what this blog talks about also as would my readers if they are a little patient. I was quite puzzled when I … Continue reading

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Foster Home Update.

Jordan has been on the mend and has made very rapid progress with the attention paid by Manjiree and her veterinarian friend. Proper medication and diet has built him up to be able to manage himself quite well. Jordan was … Continue reading

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Foster Home.

My daughter in law Manjiree and her two sisters are great animal welfare activists and their homes are proof that they are. In our home we have Chutki, rescued as a pup, a victim of a hit and run accident … Continue reading

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