It is widely accepted in India that fasting is good for one’s physical and spiritual health. Medical research has also found a great deal of evidence to support this view.

Hindus normally fast one day every week besides keeping fasts on various other religiously significant days. That Muslim fast during the month of Ramzan is too well known for any special mention.

Christians and Jews too are expected to fast as the link for Ramzan shows and as Roman Catholics in India do during Lent every year. Non RC Christians may be keeping too, but I do not know of any.

I have never voluntarily kept a fast. I do not know whether I will be able to.

Having read this interesting article however, I am contemplating keeping fast for one day a week to see what happens. I shall consult some experienced fast keepers and decide during the course of this coming week.

Writing this post reminded me of another post that I had written some months ago and I went back to it. I am now quite determined to try the experiment.

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  1. Maria says:

    It’s okay to fast as long as you don’t show off about it. But it’s not compulory.
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  2. Delirious says:

    In my religion we fast one day a month. We begin our fast after dinner on Saturday night, and then do not eat or drink anything until dinner time on Sunday night. Exceptions are made for those who are ill, such as diabetics. Also we do take any medication that is needed. For us, it is a time for our body to be obedient to our mind and will. It is a time for us to focus on spiritual things. The mere act of denying our bodies food gives our soul discipline, and power over our physical body.

    Not long ago I told my doctor that I fast once a month. His reply was, “Hmm, that could actually be good for you.” So I do think there are physical benefits, but for me the practice is totally spiritual. I spend time praying, and focusing on seeking inspiration from God.
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  3. Delirious says:

    Oh, I meant to add that it is the first Sunday of each month
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  4. Delirious says:

    sorry to be a “repeat commentor”, but I also should mention that we take the money we would have spent on food for those meals we miss, and give that to the Bishop to be used for those who are in need.
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  5. Maxi says:

    Love this cartoon, it made my day. Too funny.

    Good luck on your venture, Rummy. Hope you reach your goal.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  6. Nick says:

    I’ve never fasted, I would get painfully ravenous very quickly. I did once try the brown rice diet but after three days I felt so weak I had to go back to proper eating.
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    • Rummuser says:

      I can understand. I think that it will be difficult for me too to start with but I tell myself that if millions of people can do it why can’t I?

  7. wisewebwoman says:

    My blood sugar would go mental. It would not be a peaceful thing.
    Let us know how you do, Ramana.
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  8. Max Coutinho says:

    Hi Rummy,

    Evangelical Christians, in Brazil and Europe, fast whenever they are engaging in a special campaign (for some sort of a petition).
    The Jewish fasts are complex (because you have the minor and the major ones and one of them is done only by male firstborns), but suffice it to say that there are in total 7 per year.

    Fasting good for the brain? I know that it is excellent in the treatment of epilepsy (we had a case in my family which was successful).

    I loved the “A Bit of Maharashtra” – beautiful tradition. I had already read about the ritual of gazing at the moon through a sieve – it is beautiful when couples engage in rituals together for it brings them closer, I think.

    Have a good experiment, Rummy :D.

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  9. Grannymar says:

    Hand on heart, I can honestly say that I never felt I gained any spiritual benefit from the Lenten fasting rules of the church I was brought up in. As a family we did have plenty of food in the normal run of things, yet still we were all of the stick insect variety. I never remember coming away from a table feeling I was full to bursting. Even today, I come away from the table knowing I could manage another spoonful. I don’t believe in dieting, I would rather recommend smaller portions and if people find that difficult, why not put the reduced helping on a smaller plate – it is surprising how it works.
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  10. Chris says:

    I never tried to do fasting but that interesting article makes me think to do it.

  11. tammy j says:

    oh rummy.
    i so enjoyed the story of urmeela and the fasting neighbor ladies.
    she was a strong beautiful woman your urmeela.
    i take up 6 medications and 3 supplements now for the heart thing i have going. two of the meds have to be “take with meals only” . . .
    so if i didn’t ~ i would feel nauseous and if i fasted without the pills my blood pressure goes berserk. i know. mind over matter.
    it’s my mind that is weak! lol. still. it might be good to at least eat only one meal of fruit maybe. and then juices. i could try it.
    i have ‘silent’ days as you know ~ now i’m encouraged to add the fruit day. not an entire fast as you mean it to be ~ but better than nothing!
    this was a wonderful post. thank you!
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  12. Eduardo says:

    Some people use fasting as a way to lose weight or to cleanse the body of toxins.
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