Kadlekai Parishe. Learning Never Stops!


I have visited Bengaluru a number of times and have lived there once for three and a half years. I have family living there even now and may even land up there soon for a short visit to catch up with family and needless to say, a number of friends.

Like almost all Indians, I too love peanuts. The real variety as well as the comic strip. I feel lost without my daily quota of roasted peanuts, which is also called groundnuts here.

It therefore came as a total surprise to me to learn about a festival that is celebrated there every year about which I had no knowledge whatsoever. That it was brought to my notice by a newspaper from the UK makes it even more wonderful – full of wonder!

What a country that I live in!  I seem to learn something or the other new about it almost on a daily basis.

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13 Responses to Kadlekai Parishe. Learning Never Stops!

  1. bikehikebabe66 says:

    I LOVE peanuts. Tom makes our own p-nut butter.
    I love the USA but remember India so well & would love to go back.

  2. Yay, lifelong learning! I love peanuts, too.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..More Than Just Pune

  3. shackman says:

    Indeed – learning never stops and I never met a peanut I did not like!

  4. And every so often I hear about something about NZ that shows up in your Indian daily news…

    Interesting how tidbits get published, sometimes nice things but not always…

    but peanuts (groundnut) festival, kewl…

  5. I love the guardian, and I love peanuts. They come together in your story, and we are fortunate to read about it! Thanks Ramana!

  6. marms says:

    Are peanuts slow carb? This engaging physician has some startling ideas about carbs:

    This is my learning, lately: https://www.dietdoctor.com/eat-slow-carbs-feed-gut-bacteria

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