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LBC Topics list for Ramana

Date Contributor Topic
10-Jul Conrad Creativity
17-Jul Ashok Stereotyping
24-Jul Ramana Ambition
31-Jul Grannymar Communication
07-Aug Conrad Modern Journalism
14-Aug Ashok Religion/Spiritualism
21-Aug Ramana Love
28-Aug Grannymar Murder
04-Sep David Hands
11-Sep Marianna Your National Anthem
18-Sep Conrad Hope & Renewal
25-Sep Ramana Breakfast
02-Oct Grannymar Restaurant/s
09-Oct Marianna Speed
16-Oct Maria Collecting/Collections
23-Oct David Heroes
30-Oct Conrad Weather/Emotions
06-Nov Gaelikaa Heaven
13-Nov Ashok Lawyers
20-Nov Ramana A Memorable Day
27-Nov Grannymar A Journey
04-Dec David Rhymes & Songs
11-Dec Grannymar Flame or Flamer
18-Dec Maria Times Remembered
25-Dec Gaelikaa Giving
01-Jan Judy Humour
08-Jan Ginger Quest
15-Jan Anu Faith
22-Jan Conrad Doubts & Regrets
29-Jan Ramana The Perfect Life:
05-Feb Grannymar Visitor or Visitors
12-Feb Magpie A Person, a place, a thing or an idea
19-Feb Maria Fifteen Minutes of Fame
26-Feb Gaelikaa The Wildest Thing I Did in my Youth
05-Mar Judy If I could travel in Time, I would…..
12-Mar Ashok The Opposite Sex
19-Mar Magpie My/An (inanimate) Object of Desire
26-Mar Grannymar Hell
02-Apr Conrad Friends and Enemies!
09-Apr Ginger art
16-Apr Ramana Maturity
23-Apr Judy If I could be anything, I would be…
30-Apr Anu Freedom vs. Independence
07-May gaelikaa I Just Hate It When…
14-May Ramana Modern Myths
21-May Grannymar LOST
28-May Magpie Voices I recall
04-Jun gaelikaa Speechless
11-Jun Ramana Solitude
18-Jun Ashok Paranormal experience
25-Jun Magpie The Inessential Belongings that we collect
02-Jul Grannymar Letters
09-Jul Conrad Anniversaries
16-Jul Ramana Judgment
23-Jul Ashok Crime or Criminal
30-Jul Magpie 11 Potatoes and beans…..
06-Aug Gaelikaa Books
13-Aug Ginger Media
20-Aug Grannymar Tears
27-Aug Conrad Half Truths
03-Sep Magpie 11 Bottles
10-Sep Gaelikaa Coincidences
17-Sep Grannymar Inspiration
24-Sep Conrad The “isms”
01-Oct Magpie 11 Wacky Ideas: People
08-Oct Gaelikaa Secrets
15-Oct Grannymar Memory Lane
22-Oct Conrad Favorite Ad Lines
29-Oct Magpie 11 Wacky Ideas: Things
05-Nov Gaelikaa Why Did I Do That?
12-Nov Grannymar Conditions
19-Nov Conrad Incentive
26-Nov Magpie 11 Wacky Ideas: Places
03-Dec Gaelikaa Gossip
10-Dec Grannymar Musical instruments
17-Dec Conrad Lesser of Two Evils
24-Dec Magpie 11 Wacky Ideas: Just Plain Wackiness
31-Dec Maria Saints and Other Holy People
07-Jan Grannymar Listening
14-Jan Ramana Stimulus and Response
21-Jan Gaelikaa Revenge
28-Jan Conrad Family
04-Feb Grannymar Feet
11-Feb Ramana Enforced idleness
18-Feb Gaelikaa Late
25-Feb Conrad Skepticism vs. Disbelief
04-Mar Grannymar Silence
11-Mar Ramana Obsessions
18-Mar Gaelikaa Schedules
25-Mar Conrad Conspiracy Theories
01-Apr Grannymar Risk
08-Apr Ramana Modern vs. Western Values
15-Apr Gaelikaa Stability
22-Apr Conrad Sanity
29-Apr Grannymar Nothing
06-May Gaelikaa Conflict
13-May Conrad Universe
20-May Grannymar Power
27-May Delirious synchronicity
03-Jun Delirious talents
10-Jun Conrad Respect for Life
17-Jun Padmini Glory
24-Jun Grannymar Prepare
01-Jul Delirious ancestors
08-Jul Gaelikaa Unwritten Laws
15-Jul Anu Guilty Pleasures
22-Jul Padmini Eternity
29-Jul Grannymar Listen
05-Aug Gaelikaa Unforeseen Circumstances
12-Aug Anu My Childhood
19-Aug Padmini Animosity
26-Aug Grannymar Smile
02-Sep Gaelikaa Culture Shock
09-Sep Anu Things I don’t tell about myself
16-Sep Padmini Breath
23-Sep Conrad Marriage
30-Sep Grannymar Choose
07-Oct Gaelikaa Things I Don’t Tell About Myself
14-Oct Anu Self-Obsession
21-Oct Padmini Crothchety
28-Oct Grannymar Focus
04-Nov Gaelikaa My Wildest Fantasy
11-Nov Anu Firsts in my life
18-Nov Grannymar Relax
25-Nov Conrad Gratitude
02-Dec Ashok Peer Pressure
09-Dec Ramana Culture
16-Dec Grannymar Act
23-Dec Padmini Hospitals or Doctors
30-Dec Will Knott Ideas
06-Jan Magpie The birds of the air…..
13-Jan Paul Rediscovery – rediscovered loves/pleasures?
20-Jan Rohit The joy of giving
27-Jan Conrad Simplicity
03-Feb Ramana Perceptions
10-Feb Grannymar Wait
17-Feb Padmini My idea of Fun
24-Feb Will Knott Serene
02-Mar Magpie and the fishes of the sea….
09-Mar Paul Getting lost
16-Mar Rohit My fav hobby
23-Mar Conrad Complexity
30-Mar Ramana Effectiveness
06-Apr Grannymar Trust
13-Apr Padmini Travel troubles
20-Apr Will Knott Dance
27-Apr Magpie Dominion and stewardship.
04-May Conrad Sincerity
11-May Ramana Moods
18-May Grannymar Change
25-May Padmini Invitations
01-Jun Will Knott Dark
08-Jun Magpie If you can cure one leper, why not cure them all?
15-Jun Paul The last three people I’ve spoken to (apart from family or household members)
22-Jun Conrad My First Memory
29-Jun Will Knott Light
06-Jul Paul Nicknames
13-Jul Conrad Is Pessimism More Realistic Than Optimism?
20-Jul Ramana Care giving.
27-Jul Padmini Deadlines
03-Aug shackman the olympics
10-Aug Grannymar Editing
17-Aug Will Knott Fire
24-Aug Paul The oddest place I’ve slept in/on…
31-Aug Delores What does heaven look like?
07-Sep Maria SF What “lesson from mom” do you still live by today?
14-Sep Conrad Pain
21-Sep Ramana Panic.
28-Sep Padmini Faces
05-Oct shackman Life is what happens when you are busy making plans
12-Oct Grannymar Accept/Acceptance
19-Oct Will Knott Secrets
26-Oct Paul Best answer to the question: Does my bum look big in this?
02-Nov Delores Discipline
09-Nov Maria SF This Will Be My Epitaph
16-Nov Conrad Pleasure
23-Nov Ramana Rains.
30-Nov Padmini Doom and Gloom
07-Dec shackman music
14-Dec Grannymar Risk
21-Dec Will Knott Touched
28-Dec Paul First time travelling abroad alone. (not in a youth/School group)
2 0 1 3
04-Jan Delores Relaxation
11-Jan Maria SF My Dreams, and How I’ve Fulfilled Them
18-Jan Conrad Good Intentions
25-Jan Ramana Self improvement.
01-Feb Padmini Half full glass
08-Feb shackman Nature vs nurture
15-Feb Grannymar Touch
22-Feb Will Knott Turn
01-Mar Paul Getting things wrong in a foreign language.
08-Mar Delores My childhood goals for my life.
15-Mar Maria SF Music that changed my life
22-Mar Conrad Frugality
29-Mar Ramana Broken relationships.
05-Apr Padmini Finality
12-Apr shackman kids
19-Apr Grannymar Names
26-Apr Will Knott Out of sight, out of mind
03-May Delores My favorite vacation spot.
10-May Maria SF Letting Go
17-May Conrad Anger
24-May Padmini Saying goodbye
31-May Grannymar Tomorrow
07-Jun shackman national healthcare vs private
14-Jun Conrad What I do (did) for a living
21-Jun Delores My first kiss
28-Jun Ramana Puppy love
05-Jul Maria/G Contradiction
12-Jul Will Knott Not over yet
19-Jul Padmini Shopping/Shopping online
26-Jul Grannymar What you see out the window
02-Aug shackman If you could only hear 5 more songs what would they be and why?
09-Aug Conrad Humor
16-Aug Delores My best friend
23-Aug Ramana Modern addictions
30-Aug Maria/G Distraction
06-Sep Will Knott Wrong fit
13-Sep Padmini Can men cook daily meals?
20-Sep Grannymar Wait one minute…! (Tell us why)
27-Sep shackman What is your favorite movie?
04-Oct Conrad Ego
11-Oct Delores My greatest fear
18-Oct Ramana Mobile telephony
25-Oct Maria/G Retribution
01-Nov Will Knott In to the night
08-Nov Padmini Road Rage
15-Nov Grannymar When I was young
22-Nov shackman What is your favorite book (Bible excluded)
29-Nov Conrad Daydreams
06-Dec Delores Beauty
13-Dec Ramana Is global peace possible?
20-Dec Maria/G Determination
27-Dec Will Knott Broken
03-Jan Padmini Give us this day our daily……
10-Jan Conrad Popeye’s Understanding of “Being”.
17-Jan shackman are newspapers of any value in the digital age?
24-Jan Conrad Speaking a Second Language
31-Jan Delores My epitaph
07-Feb Ramana Old friends, New friends
14-Feb Maria/G Recollections
21-Feb Will Knott Not like the movies
28-Feb Padmini Winds
07-Mar Rummuser  Separation
June 6 2014 Shackman If I Could Invent One Thing To Make The World A Better Place It Would Be…..
June 13 2014 Ashok Uncle-hood
June 20 2014 Conrad Unwritten Social Agreements
June 27 2014 Maria G Much Ado About Nothing
July 4 2014 Maxi/Rummuser But
July 11 2014 Rummuser Self Esteem
July 18 2014 Shackman You Get One Life Do Over; What Would It Be?
July 25 2014 Ashok Corporal Punishment
August 1 2014 Conrad The Silver Lining of Failure
August 8 2014 Maria G As You Like It
August 15 2014 Maxi?Rummuser Indifference
August 22 2014 Rummuser Matrimony
August 29 2014 Shackman I Wish I hadn’t Done That
September 5 2014 Ashok Teaching Values
September 12 2014 Conrad Are the Mystics Right, Is Time an Illusion?
September 19 2014 Maria G All’s Well That Ends Well
September 26 2014 Maxi/Rummuser Dead-end Streets
October 3 2014 Rummuser Personal Debt
October 10 2014 Shackman Education
October 17 2014 Ashok Peek A Boo
October 24 2014 Conrad Commitment to the Unverifiable
October 31 2014 Maria G Comedy Of Errors
November 7 2014 Maxi/Rummuser Blame
November 14 2014 Rummuser Expectations
November 21 2014 Shackman Most Overrated Artist (Musician, Actor, Etc.)
November 28 2014 Ashok Role Model
December 5 2014 Conrad Emotional Alchemy
December 12 2014 Maria G Love’s Labour Lost
December 19 2014 Maxi/Rummuser Comfort Zone
December 26 2014 Rummuser Duty
January 2 2015 Shackman What Nondescript Item Had The Most Impact On Your Life (How/Why ?)
January 9 2015 Ashok Unmentionable Topics For TED
January 16 2015 Rummuser Travails of city life
January 23 2015 Maria G A Winter’s Tale
January 30 2015 Maxi/Rummuser Common Sense
February 6 2015 Rummuser Sleep
February 13 2015 Shackman What Is The Most Surprising Thing About You?
February 20 2015 Ashok Child Abuse
February 27 2015 Conrad Sabbatical
March 6 2015 Rummuser Vegetarianism
March 13 2015 Padmum Travails Of Blogging
March 20 2015 Lin A Sacred Song
March 27 2015 Shackman A Working Peace System
April 3 2015 Maria The Long And The Short
April 10 2045 Maria The Rough And The Smooth
April 17 2015 Rummuser Legends Of My Hometown
April 24 2015 Padmum Predictive Texting
May 1 2015 Lin Synesthesia
May 8 2015 Shackman You Can’t Do That
May 15 2015 Maria Left And Right
May 22 2015 Maria Right And Wrong
May 29 2015 Rummuser Internationally Famous Landmarks In My Hometown
June 5 2015 Padmum Road Hogs
June 12 2015 Shackman I’d Rather Be
June 19 2015 Lin James Thurber’s Dogs
June 26 2015 Maria Back To Back
July 3 2015 Maria This And That
July 10 2015 Rummuser The Climate In My Hometown
July 17 2015 Lin Blindness
July 24 2015 Shackman New Rules
July 31 2015 Maria Up And Down
August 7 2015 Maria Above And Below
August 14 2015 Rummuser The Traveller In Me
August 21 2015 Padmum Simplicity
August 28 2015 Lin Planning And Planting
September 4 2015 Shackman When Is Honesty Not The Best Policy?
September 11 2015 Maria OMG
September 18 Maria ROTFL
September 25 Rummuser Prose Vs Poetry
October 2 2015 Padmum Wickedness
October 9 2015 Lin Pickin An Grinnin
October 16 Maria Family Size
October 23 Maria Bulk Buying
October 30 2015 Rummuser Grey Hair
November 6 2015 Padmum Sleep
November 13 2015 Lin Blues
November 20 2015 Maria Over Spending
November 27 2015 Maria Renovations
December 4 2015 Lin The Inner Child The Outer Child
December 11 2015 Maria Family Occasions
December 18 2015 Lin The Well Of Our Being
December 25 Maria Favourite Book Or Film
January 1 2016LinOnce Upon A Time
January 8 2016ShackmanValue of a degree HS & College
January 15 2016RummuserBreakfast
January 22 2016LinOf Pumpkins, Witches, And The Whole Nine Yards
January 29 2016LinSunday In The Park With George
February 5 2016ShackmanMajor life changes
February 12 2016RummuserPets
February 19 2016LinKeep Them Doggies Movin'
February 26 2016LinWhat Exactly Is A Progressive Dinner?
March 4 2016ShackmanTolerance vs being true to yourself
March 11 2016RummiuserDaydreams
March 18 2016LinRing Those Bells
March 25 2016LinOf Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Bunnies
April 1 2016RummuserApril Fool
April 8 2016ShackmanThe old days
April 15 2016RummuserAging
April 22 2016LinI Think My Dancing School Diploma Just Expired
April 29 2016LinDoes That Sleigh Have Brake Lights, Mr Claus?
May 6 2016ShackmanGrowing up vs growing old
May 13 2016RummuserCalamities
May 20 2016LinYou Know You're A Foreigner When….
May 27 2016LinI Always Wondered Why
June 3 2016ShackmanWhen I was young
June 10 2016RummuserPeace Of Mind
June 17LinDown The Garden Path
June 24 2016LinNo, It Isn't Beethoven
July 1 2016ShackmanMillennials and the future
July 8 2016RummuserPiece Of Mind
July 15 2016RummuserCooking.
July 22 2016RummuserRetirement
July 29 2016ShackmanTalking about my generation
August 5 2016RummuserHistory
August 12 2016RummuserMy Favourite Vehicle
August 19 2016RummuserMy Favourite Season
August 26ShackmanBest movie of 2015
September 2 2016PravinPurpose Of Life
September 9 2016RummuserDomestic Chores
September 16 2016PravinHow Do You Identify Your Mojo.
September 23 2016ShackmanProfit based healthcare
September 30 2016RummuserNeighbours
October 7 2016RummuserPets
October 14 2016PravinWhy Do You Do What You Do
October 21 2016ShackmanThe Olympics. Yes Or No.
October 28 2016RummuserReligion Vs Spirituality
November 4 2016RummuserMy Favourite Music
November 11 2016RummuserMy Favourite Movie Star
November 18 2016ShackmanMy Favorite Cartoon Character
November 25 2016RummuserFree Will
December 2 2016ShackmanMy favorite fictional character is
December 9 2016RummuserOutlaws
December 16 2016ShackmanThe person I admire most is
December 23 2016PravinAre You Enjoying What You Are Doing
December 30 2016RummuserFarewell 2016

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