Not Quite The Eight Year Old!

Tammy, ring a bell?

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4 Responses to Not Quite The Eight Year Old!

  1. tammy j says:

    HAHAHAHA! yes. a very painful bell!
    probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done actually.
    I think your average 8 year old boy would KNOW the phone book would slip!
    you know you have a mean streak in you darling Sean.
    tammy j recently posted..what’s it all about Alfie?

    • I am glad that you liked the post Tammy. It was not my intention to hurt you in any way. If the post has offended you in any way, I offer you my sincere apologies.

      • tammy j says:

        offend me? you should know by now it would take SO MUCH MORE than that to offend me!
        my reply to the post comes by way of friendly banter!
        i used to use that phrase when the marine would say something like that in jest. it’s supposed to raise a mutually shared laugh! so it is I who must apologize to YOU dear friend! (hope you see this reply.) it’s after the fact! xo
        tammy j recently posted..what’s it all about Alfie?

  2. 😀
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Finally!

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