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Life With Social Media

Zero without it, is how I would start. I don’t use twitter unlike the guy in the cartoon. I however am quite active on FaceBook and WhatsApp.  These two are enough to give me sufficient activity to keep me out of … Continue reading

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It Is A Small World.

On the way back from Thane with my two ex colleagues last week as I had written, I was encouraging one of them SD,  also an alumnus from my Business School, to take active part in our local alumni activities … Continue reading

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Care Giving.

I should know. I was caregiver for my late wife for seven years and for my late father for two. Both were as different as chalk and cheese in terms of the quality of the experience of caring, but in … Continue reading

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This handsome young man is my grand nephew Vedesh. He posted this poster on his facebook wall: I left a comment: – “I prefer silence. From the audience that is. Who would not like a captive audience to listen without … Continue reading

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Grannymar‘s Sunday oneliner this week is: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss. Yesterday, my sister Padmini published a photograph from her collection on her Facebook wall. This is my late wife Urmeela with our … Continue reading

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Modern Communication.

Ramana: Did the first three panels happen? The last one does! Ranjan: Yup! What goes around, comes around! 🙂 Courtesy Facebook.

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C’est la vie ! This is Life !

These kind of things keep happening to me all the time! I do not know quite what prompted my friend Nandu to post this poignant picture on his Facebook page today, but this fits in quite nicely with my earlier … Continue reading

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The Thorn Bird.

A friend posted this on FaceBook. While I agree with the general direction of the quote, I prefer to live and die like the thorn bird though perhaps it is now too late. “There is a legend about a bird … Continue reading

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Raksha Bandan In Today’s World.

Today is Raksha Bandan and as every year the sister/brother bonds are reinforced in all Indian homes. I have written about it many times and my readers might like to refresh their memories with a quick read here. In the … Continue reading

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Friendship To Love To Friendship.

A friend Karuna published this crytpic statement in FaceBook. “Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship – never.” I did not respond there as I do not know her well enough to but two mutual friends Roshni and … Continue reading

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