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“A poor idea well written is more likely to be accepted than a good idea poorly written.” ~ Isaac Asimov. As I start writing this post, it occurs to me that it is the latter that will be applicable in … Continue reading

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What A Story.

My young friend Parag shared this on his facebook page and I wanted to share it with my readers. It is difficult to be cynical about human beings when we come across stories like this. Thank you Parag.

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I read an article a while ago about a beggar in Kuwait, not identified but South Asian being very likely an Indian. I came across this video today. I am convinced that I was in the wrong career all my … Continue reading

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Tom Hanks In Seven Minutes.

I thank my friend Sundari for this.

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Let’s Twist Again!

A friend Marie┬áhas suggested that I learn these moves for my next command performance. Thank you Marie. Our dialogue went something like this: On receipt of the link I: “You are underestimating my skills!” Marie: “Video please, video please!” I … Continue reading

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Joyful Marriage.

My friend Becky posted this on facebook and I was taken back in time to my own marriage ceremony. Our marriage was an Arya Samaj ceremony with a proper havan presided over by a very dignified priest. About half way … Continue reading

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The Post.

I rarely get letters and those that do find me are usually appeals for funds or circulars and of course the appeal for votes from candidates for various elected bodies with which I am connected like my clubs and some … Continue reading

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The Internet World.

I had posted this cartoon last Saturday. In the comment section of the post, Shackman, the amazing encyclopedia of music, gave me a link to this. Thank you Shackman.

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The Good Life II.

No, I refuse to be apologetic about sequels and synchronicity. I had just completed responding to all the comments that I have received so far on my post The Good Life, when I received a mail from a friend who … Continue reading

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Raksha Bandan In Today’s World.

Today is Raksha Bandan and as every year the sister/brother bonds are reinforced in all Indian homes. I have written about it many times and my readers might like to refresh their memories with a quick read here. In the … Continue reading

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